Government incentives for sustainability are good... but when will they actually deliver?

A recent article in the Financial Times suggested the UK Government is making a big ‘green’ push in agri-environmental subsidy schemes however it also highlighted this is nothing new and is actually something the Government has been doing for some time.

The disappointing this is, like many Government initiatives, they are so poorly administered. The study by the Financial Times shows that poor administration has caused late payments over the last few years, often causing severe financial hardship for the intended receiver.

Our Smart Water Meters are another initiative many farmers I have spoken to are interested in taking up, however they are worried the investment will be too much for them to make without the assistance of the Government scheme. Whilst the meters themselves are not expensive, many farmers need multiple meters in multiple locations on their property and this is where the costs increase.

It is fantastic that the UK Government have these schemes on their agenda, however there is hardly any point in promoting them if they cannot get the most basic of administration under control. We see it in the NHS, in the Immigration Department and with our Transport Network.

Farmers out there are always willing to try new things, conserve energy and improve their land so we all benefit. Isn’t it time our Government started to follow through and actually give them the proper support and financial backing they need?