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Your journey starts with our free site assessments

Smart water metering, water audits, waterless urinals, Propelair toilets and more. Our solutions might be varied, but they all come with our quality guarantee and the same promise our unique approach to listen, analyse, research and implement will always be followed.

Starting with our free site surveys, this is an opportunity for you to explain to us some of your current pains about water - whether it is the amount you are using, the amount you are wasting or the amount you are paying. From there, our trained consultants will look at everything from your taps and sinks to your toilets and urinals. We even look at your water bills and the rates you are paying to ensure you are not paying more than you should.



Our USP is that all our site surveys and assessments are completely free. Unlike others, we are completely transparent and will tell you where we can help and where we can’t. Book one today, what have you got to lose?





The water industry in the United Kingdom was deregulated as of April 1st 2017. Through our wider network of partners, Waterless Solutions are available to help with all your water needs. Whether it is consolidating services from various suppliers, reviewing your current and historic bills or carrying out a complete water and pricing audit, we are here to save you money, time and resources.

Unlike other companies, we do not only want to work with big Companies. You might be a small family run restaurant, have a couple of retail stores, be a pub group with multiple sites paying different rates, or a large corporation. Our service and approach is still the same.


A leaky faucet or old toilet can waste a lot of time and energy for any maintenance and facilities team. Not to mention the amount of water and money that is unnecessaryily squandered. Our smart water meters provide complete detail of all your water usage and enable early detection of any leaks both in real time.


Our smart water meters, when combined with our 24 hour monitoring service, provide you with the complete comfort that you have full control of your water usage. Our team monitor our customers water usage and have the ability to alert them of any unusual usage spikes or to remotely shut off the water if a leak is obvious. Not only will you save on water and any costs relating to leak maintenance, but your insurance will be greatly reduced as well.


Whether you already have waterless urinals or are looking to go waterless for the first time, our retrofit system is the best in the market. Whilst other waterless urinal systems are plagued by unpleasant odours and frequent blockages, our Water-Warrior system by WhiffAway uses patented technology, together with an unrivalled on-site service program to eliminate water, reduce malodours and decrease maintenance associated with blockages.

The Water-Warrior system is also superior and more complete to other reduce flush offerings. Not only do they still use water, they require a substantial upfront investment, they malfunction regularly creating extra and expensive maintenance and worst of all, the pipes still block.


With most toilets in the UK using at least 6 litres of water, and many up to 9 litres, it is crazy to think of the amount of fresh drinking water that is wasted with every flush, every day of the year.

Our unique partnership with Propelair enables us to retro-fit to your existing infrastructure the industry leading reduced flush toilet. Manufactured here in the UK, the Propelair toilet reduces each flush to 1.5 litres and improves the overall hygiene of the bathroom due to its unique lid and rim seal. With the likes of the NHS already installing these in multiple Trusts, this is definitely the toilet of the future.