Water Meter

Designed by Quensus, our smart water meters provide intelligent water management allowing you to take full control of your water, wherever and whenever.

How much of my water is waste?

How can I detect leaks and prevent water damage?

How can I see the areas where I can reduce my water bills?

These are all the things the Quensus Smart Water Meter can answer.



Automated bill checking and optional automated water shutoff, mean you can stay on top of your businesses water bills. Instead of breaking in to a sweat when your bill arrives, you can have the complete comfort of knowing exactly what your bill will be.

Leaking Pipe Problem.png


Through automated leak detection, the Quensus smart water meter gives you 24 hour peace of mind that your business and property are safe from water damage. With the ability to detect spikes in usage in real time, the smart meters not only alert you when this happens, but give you the opportunity to setup automated valve shut-off for the detected area or for buildings as a whole.

Additionally, if you have not looked at your insurance policy recently… you should. Water damage is the most common form of insurance claim and is generally one of the most expensive parts to a property insurance policy. Through the installation of one of our meters, your insurance premium will decrease dramatically.

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With real-time updates, the Quensus smart water meter is so detailed and sensitive you can monitor your water usage as it happens. Whether it is through the online dashboard, or through our app, you can understand when and where your water is used. You can view your monthly, daily and real-time consumption in easy to understand graphs. Whether it is litres, pounds, or even bathtubs bathtubs you consider water in, our software provides it all.

Importantly, when problems are diagnosed through the smart meter and combined with our free site surveys, we can implement systems to make your operations more efficient and ultimately save your business money.