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Traditional water based urinals are one of the worst offenders when it comes to water wastage, with a standard urinal using in excess of 157,000 litres of water per year. With sustainability a core part of any business and water one of the primary reasons for blockages and flooding, there has never been a better time to look at a waterless urinal solution.

Whether you are upgrading your current urinals or designing and building new bathrooms, our Water-Warrior Waterless Urinal System is the industry leader. Designed by WhiffAway, it is the most innovative, sustainable, cost efficient and problem free system available today.


  • Cost: £1 per day is what a standard water flushing urinal costs in water and other associated costs (and the price of water is only going oneway… up). The average water price in London is £2.30 per cubic meter, whilst the average UK price is £2.90.

  • Ongoing maintenance: standard urinals are costly to maintain both in cleaning chemicals, urinal cakes/mats and call-out costs.

  • Poor hygiene: urine mixed with water generates an increased buildup of uric salts. This creates a furring up process in the pipes which leads to blockages and increased flooding. Not only is the flooding unhygienic but the constant presence of urine in the base of the bowl increases bacteria.

  • Bad for the environment: not only does a standard urinal flushing 4 times per hours use 157,000 litres of fresh drinking water each year, it requires CO2 emissions to produce, and deposits limescale in pipes.


The benefits of going Waterless are endless.

  • Save water (average of 157,000 litres)

  • Reduce maintenance and employee time

  • Increase your profitability

  • Eliminate urinal odours and urinal flooding

  • Reduced blockages

  • Improve overall bathroom hygiene

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • No more harmful chemicals

  • Fully recyclable

Are you fed up with the amount of water you use in your urinals?
— You should be, the average single urinal costs over £1 per day in water alone, thats' £365 annually.


The Water-Warrior System “combined with our Quarterly Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) visits, provides a complete, environmentally friendly, urinal hygiene service”.


Designed by WhiffAway, the unique trap and installation pack including new common urinal pipework, is a retro-fit solution fitting to over 90% of existing urinal bowls and troughs.

As it saves 100% of urinal water, not only is there no flushing, it also helps to prevent blockages and urinal flooding meaning your maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.

The Water-Warrior offers a three pronged attack against urinals odours:

  • The Original Hygiene Valve: now with 4 seal points, this unique one-way valve acts as a hygienic seal against odours from the pipe work below whilst still allowing fluids to flow down the drain.

  • The Cartridge: uses bio-enzymatic solutions to break down uric salts to prevent drains from blocking. It also contains a patented fragrance formulated to neutralise urinal odours.

  • Scent-Ring Technology: a unique dual purpose design which releases custom fragrances and acts as a debris catcher, preventing unwanted objects entering the drain below.


Going waterless should not be a financial burden on your business with excessively high upfront costs. That’s why here at Waterless Solutions, we like to work with your existing urinal bowls. Our unique Water-Warrior waterless urinal trap enables us to do this as it is adaptable to 95% of existing urinal bowls.

Beginning with a free site survey, our technicians will be quickly able to identify which of your bowls are suitable for our retro-fit solution.

Once confirmed, the upgrade process is straightforward and includes:

  • Removal of the existing trap

  • Cleaning and freshening of the urinal bowl

  • Fitting and securing our Water-Warrior waterless trap

  • Installation of brand new common urinal pipework through to the main stack

  • Flow testing and reporting

With over 100,000 installations in the UK alone, the Water-Warrior retro-fit solution is guaranteed to work for you, no matter what industry you are in.

The Water-Warrior waterless trap is a retro-fit solution, adaptable to 95% of urinal bowls.

Our waterless urinal adaptors work with all waterless urinal systems.


There are many inferior waterless and water reduced urinal systems in the market today. Not only is there a lack of after sales service with the majority of these systems, but many of them are unsuccessful when it comes to customer satisfaction, failing to deal with urinal odours and blockages. As a result, these inferior systems have all assisted in creating the historical perception that waterless urinals do not work.

Luckily, if you have already made the choice to go waterless with another provider but are not happy, we have the answer. Our Water-Warrior system is available with a wide range of different adaptors and our Engineers can seamlessly retro-fit these systems.



The pains of any water based urinals and the pitfalls of other inferior waterless or water-reduced systems is the ongoing maintenance that is required. Apart from the actual design of the system, our core USP is our Quarterly Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Visit.

Every 13 weeks, our nationwide network of fully trained Engineers provide a PPM visit of the system and its associated urinal common pipework to the stack.

So what’s included?

  • Replacement of the Water-Warrior Cartridge

  • Clearing of all common urinal pipework and inclusive tests to ascertain the flow on the urinals

  • Replenishment of your quarterly quote of our enzyme based eco-friendly multipurpose cleaning solution

  • Full reporting


Are bad odours, blockages and flooding a constant problem?
— Our retro-fit waterless urinals and quarterly servicing avoid all of this and save you money.

Model 1000 by WhiffAway

Material: Vitreous China
Dimensions: 610 x 400 x 220mm
Colour: White
Finish: Silver Nano Glaze
Approval: BREEAM Compliant
Applications: Commercial, Education, Hotels, Security & Other
Fixings:Bowls screwed to wall with brackets

Note: For use on Installations with open or closed piping below the urinal bowl.

Model 2000 by WhiffAway

Material: Vitreous China
Dimensions: 1005 x 410 x 300mm
Colour: White
Finish: Silver Nano Glaze
Approval: BREEAM Compliant
Applications: Commercial, Education, Hotels, Security & Other
Fixings: Bowls screwed to wall with brackets

Note: For use on installations with closed piping behind tiled walls and IPS Panelling

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